The strengths of Dovetail lie in its foundation of proven technology and in Dovetail being extremely user-friendly.

Integrate fast, easy and immediately

Because Dovetail is a Cloud-based environment, it is very easy to start using it. Once a new secure environment with its private login code is created within Dovetail, you can immediately start working on the first flow! After you complete a flow, it can be saved and used as an independent component in a new flow to enable future integrations to go even faster!

Intuitive drag & drop user interface

You can set up a process flow intuitively: if you know which systems you want to integrate with each other and what should happen to the underlying message exchange, you can simply pick from the over 200 pre-set components to build exactly what you need for your organisation.

Perfect for non-programmers (no-code) 

Thanks to the powerful components, you can visually fully customise the process flows to your own preferences and requirements. You can configure the components individually and we have already set up the most common components for you. Should you need other components for your organisation, these can be built by the development team of Dovetail.

Security and privacy by design

Security starts with having the latest software version and with performing the latest security updates. If this is done locally per system, it costs a huge amount of time and the update might not always be performed. All of that is solved by working in the Cloud: it updates automatically. In addition, you have access via an encrypted connection and benefit from automatic back-ups.

Continuous market-oriented product development 

The Dovetail developers are always working on keeping up with market developments. They make sure that the current components are up-to-date and that new components are continually being developed to reply to the market. Since Dovetail works in the Cloud, these developments are always immediately available for partners and customers.

Solid base of Apache Camel

Dovetail is based on Apache Camel open source software. This is a realiable framework in the world of software developers that enables us to focus on building user-friendly tools that can be used immediately. That is why we can safely say that we offer a solid solution!

An affordable solution for medium-sized companies: scalable and managable 

Dovetail is a next-generation ESB built on an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). As a result, Dovetail is always up-to-date, and no hardware investments or updates are required. Of course, it is also possible to work on-premise, if your specific situation so requires. Dovetail lets you start right away and thanks to its monthly subscription, costs are fully manageable. Ambitious plans for the future? Dovetail applies scaleable pricing and expands alongside your business.  .

Various data formats from suppliers

You often receive data from various suppliers, which you have to connect within your system. You also commonly receive the data in various formats, such as e-mail, in PDF, in Word or Excel or through an FTP server.

In most cases, manual labour is needed to convert the data to a usable format. This is not only time-consuming, but also susceptible to errors. It also becomes impossible to later trace these acts and data flows.

The use of data within various departments of your organisation

Data is often input twice within organisations, for example during the order administration and the logistic transactions. This process becomes more efficient when the connection of Excel or PDF to an automated order input system is realised and, in a logistic environment, from EDI to XML or from Excel to EDI. 

These situations deal with an end-to-end integration with both internal systems and external parties. There are various integration solutions available that tackle this issue. However, these are packages that require programming knowledge, which means you also need a developer, resulting in costly expenses. Dovetail allows you to achieve the same result with only domain knowledge.

Dovetail can be employed in thousands of situations and it realises connections within and outside of your organisation. To give you an idea of the possibilities, you can read some examples from practice at a departmental level below.


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The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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