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With Clickker you can connect your Exact Globe software to the web in no time. No expensive time-consuming custom connections, but a standard connection that is quickly up and running.

Clickker can be used in various ways. If you are an Exact Globe user and you want to link Exact data to existing Cloud solutions, you can. If you are an Exact Globe user and you have a web application developed where data from Exact Globe must be included, this is also possible with Clickker. If you are a web developer and your web application needs to be integrated with Exact Globe, then Clickker is also your tool.

Then it must be determined what the data flow is. Does data only go from the web application to Exact Globe or should data be mutable in both directions? In the latter case, the module connectivity client must be present from Exact.

Clickker was developed by Sense-Cloud Service, an IT company from Emmen with extensive experience in developing software solutions for companies. Our goal is to make the service process of companies easier.

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The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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