Euramax uses Dovetail to distill data from files and to store them centrally.

The organisation

The mission of Euramax is to make the world more beautiful and colourful. Any visitor to their website can only conclude they are doing a good job at it. Their premium coil coated aluminium and steel are used for decorating the most diverse builings, are applied in interiors and are even used for vehicles. With 275 employees, locations in Roermond (NL) and Corby (UK), and an annual production of 15,000 km of factory lacqured aluminium, Euramax serves customers all over the world.

“Before, we had to change the import method of our ERP system with each new supplier. Thanks to Dovetail, that is a thing of the past.”
Peter Gaastra, IT-manager at Euramax

The problem

Euramax receives certificates from suppliers that list specifications and information regarding safety measures of the supplied materials, such as chemicals and lacquers. This information is provided by various suppliers. While one supplier might send a PDF, others send an XML and some send a text file. The layouts of the files are all different, as there are no set standards. In order to distill this information from the files and to import that information into the ERP system, the import format had to be changed every single time.

“We started using Dovetail recently and it is a great help, because we no longer need to continually change the import structure of our ERP system.”
Peter Gaastra, IT-manager at Euramax

The solution

Dovetail collects data from various file formats and converts them into a structured XML file. This XML can be imported into the ERP system directly, without any need for changes. This saves a lot of work for every import. The data is stored in the database of the ERP system and is used during inspections to provide the specifications and to see which measures should be taken in safety situations.

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The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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