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Kabisa was established in 2006 and has grown into a company with fifty employees. Kabisa is partner and reseller of Dovetail and operates from three locations in The Netherlands: Weert (head office), Amterdam and Eindhoven.

‘Actions speak louder than words.’ That is the Kabisa motto. Kabisa is built around three core values: craftmanship, customer-focus and collaboration. These core values are reflected in the business culture and in the way that we interact with our customers and employees. Either as advisor and reliable partner, for both agile software development and consultancy, as managed services (hosting and support), or as integration specialist (Dovetail), Kabisa will always add value to your business thanks to its focus on quality and flexibility.

Kabisa is specialised in developing web applications and mobile applications based on Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, JavaScript and Elixir. These technologies can be committed with an agile work method (Scrum), in order to be productive for customers and to deliver high-end solutions.

Software systems are rarely standalone. A web application or mobile app often has to be connected to the underlying back-end systems. Think of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer relation management). It may also be needed to connect custom software. Kabisa has extensive knowledge of and experience with setting up and implementing complex integration concepts. We always make use of the best technologies and methods. We use Dovetail to connect systems. Kabisa has already performed many successful applications with the help of Dovetail, for both small and large businesses that are active in various industries.

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