Dovetail ensures that data is sent smoothly from one point to another. During this near real-time processing the data is read in, if desired changed format and read in by the system of the final destination. It excludes various manual processes, which greatly reduces the chance of human error.

Some examples of applications

Automate order entry by allowing Excel or PDF files to be read in in Dovetail and correctly be entered in the ERP system.
Transform files from suppliers so that they can be processed quickly, for example from EDI to XML or from Excel to EDI.
Automate purchasing by automatically placing orders (for example from the website) to your supplier(s).
Let Dovetail retrieve information from the Product Information Management (PIM) system and process it on your website in real-time.

Let Dovetail also run your processes faster and more efficiently!

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Janshen-Hahnraths was op zoek naar een oplossing waarbij low-code en dus snelle integratie van belang zijn. De migratie van bestaande systemen en de integratie met andere systemen binnen het applicatielandschap dreef Janshen Hahnraths’ behoefte voor een Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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